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Freight One transports freight across the entire railway network in Russia and to destinations abroad in the 1520 space, operating a fleet of over 113 thousand railcars.

Freight One provides comprehensive freight forwarding services across the the Russian railway network and the railways of other states.

This service is specially designed for industrial businesses and transfers intra-factory logistic services to Freight One.

24 september 2019
Alexey Gorbunov, “Volumes of Transportation in Krasnoyarsk Krai Can Be Increased by 1.5 Times”
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18 september 2019
Alexey Korenko, “Logistics Consulting Helps Decreas-ing Downtime of Railcars by Two Times”
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17 september 2019
Alexey Gorbunov Appointed As Director of Krasnoyarsk Branch of JSC Freight One
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mln tons of goods
carried in 2018 over the Russian Railways network
Freight One's share in the goods turnover of Russia
We provide multimodal transportation (including interaction with sea vessels and road vehicles)