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Corporate style


The Freight One logo is the official symbol of the company.

The main version of the logo is the Cyrillic one. The main version of the logo may only appear in the specified colour combination— maroon (Pantone 202 C) and black (Pantone PROCESS BLACK C).

The English version of the logo is used in all material for English-speakers.

The typography uses a bespoke font (created on the basis of DIN Condensed C).



Freight One company colours:

  • Maroon — main company colour.
  • Black — used for the text of the logo.
  • Grey — additional colour, used for extra information on various documents, catalogues, booklets.

These colours are defined as the colours of the corporate style and are used on all types of material (paper, lamina, cardboard, cloth etc).


The main font used by Freight One is Pragmatica Cond. The secondary font is Pragmatica, used to strengthen the visual appearance of text, for instance, in headings and key elements. It is used in the main Russian and English language documents and the company's presentation materials, and should be used for all design and print material.


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