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Press officeNewsFreight One Allocated More Than 200 Million Rubles for Technical Development

Freight One Allocated More Than 200 Million Rubles for Technical Development

14 february 2018

In 2017, Freight One (Freight One) allocated 213.2 million rubles for reconstruction of the production areas of washing and steaming stations, renewal of car-repair facilities and improvement of car repair quality.

"Implementation of the program, in addition to the economic effect, has resulted in increasing the safety and security of freight railcars on the network. We are putting persistent efforts to the Russian Railways and introducing new technologies in the field of current setoff repairs, we organize current setoff repairs points at key loading stations and develop the production capacities of the subsidiary Railcar Repair Depot Gryazi in the Lipetsk region", said Sergey Goncharov, the Deputy CEO for Technical Development.

In 2017, the company allocated 161.6 million rubles for reconstruction of the production areas of washing and steaming stations (WSS). Subject to the contracts for long-term lease of WSS between Freight One and JSC Russian Railways, improving the quality of tanker preparation and reducing the level of environmental impact of the stations, infrastructure repairs has been made and technological equipment have been installed. Last year a total of 476 thousand tank cars were prepared for WSS.

About 46 million rubles were allocated for development of its own car-repair facilities: opening in the Altai Territory of the current setoff repairs section with a production capacity up to 3,600 cars per year and a press-room for the overhaul of wheel pairs on the territory of the VRP Gryazi with a production capacity of 300 units per month. In addition, the depot was entitled to perform scheduled repairs of gondola cars with increased lift capacity, roundhouse servicing of boxcars and replacement of cassette bearings produced by SKF and BRENCO.

The company invested 5.6 million rubles to the scientific and technical development program. It includes development and implementation of new technologies to optimize operating costs, including reduction the volume of the rolling stock rejection.

Freight One introduced the program to motivate the employees offering ideas for design improvement of a freight railcar and its components, improving the technical and economic performance of the rolling stock. The best solutions and technologies are born out in practice.

For reference: The Freight One structure includes 7 washing and steaming stations (WSS) located in the key transport junctions in Russia: WSS Selezino (Nizhny Novgorod region), WSS Kombinatskaya (Omsk), WSS Syzran (Syzran), WSS Achinsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory), WSS Tatyanka (Volgograd), WSS Nickel (Orenburg region), WSS Osentsy (Perm).

Railcar Repair Depot Gryazi (100% of shares owned by JSC Freight One) is located in the town of Gryazi, Lipetsk region, and specializes in depot, capital and current repair of freight railcars of various types, including gondola cars, platforms, boxcars, hoppers for transportation of hot pellets. The average production capacity of the enterprise allows to carry out 4.2 thou planned repairs annually.