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Press officeNewsFreight One Has Bought Back Three Series of Bonds under Offer

Freight One Has Bought Back Three Series of Bonds under Offer

4 december 2017
Under offer, Freight One has bought back the treasury bonds being in circulation with a total nominal value of 8.6 billion (34% of the total volume of the company’s placed bonds).

"The bonds buyback was carried out under the implemented program for improving the credit portfolio and cost of its maintenance. Taking into account favorable situation for a purchase, we commend the results of the transaction, which took into account the interests of the company and those of the securities holders", Anna Nekrasova, First Deputy CEO of  Freight One, Chief Financial Officer, said.

In particular, Freight One bought out 2.7 million of 01 series securities at a price of 103.7% of the nominal value, 5 million of 03 series at a price of 110.21% of the nominal value and 0.9 million – of 05 series at a price of 106.8% of the nominal value. The organizers of the buyout were Gazprombank and Rosbank.
The bonds were originally placed in September-November 2015. The total nominal value of securities of 01 and 03 series is RUB 5 billion each and that of 05 series is RUB 10 billion (nominal value of one security is RUB 1,000). The term of securities circulation is 10 years, an offer is being provided in 3-5 years from the placement date. The coupon rate for 01 series bonds has been set at the rate of 12.7% per annum, for 03 series bonds it is 11.8% per annum, for 05 series bonds is 12.7% per annum.

Upon the implementation of buyout, four series of Freight One bonds remain in circulation totaling to RUB 16.4 billion.

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