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Press officeNewsJSC Freight One Invested About 20 mln. Rubles into the New Setoff Repairs District

JSC Freight One Invested About 20 mln. Rubles into the New Setoff Repairs District

25 june 2018

Joint Stock Company Freight One (JSC Freight One) has commissioned the district for current setoff repairs (CSOR) of railcars in the territory of Apatit Works (included into the FosAgro Group). The facility production capacity is calculated to provide for repairing and maintenance of 2.4 thousand railcars annually with the perspective of doubling the volumes after transition to performance of repairs under the 24/7 operation mode. Investments into the CSOR Yulievka district amounted to 19.9 million rubles.

“The investments would return due to a decreased time spent for relocation of defective railcars to the repair area and decreasing of the number of non-productive trips. Location of the repair area is optimal for prompt supplying of the railcars for repair and to the loading facilities of the FosAgro enterprise, as well as for providing the consignor with technically usable railcars. The economic benefit of the project is more than 12 million rubles annually that allows expecting the ROI within the term of less than two years”, – commented Sergey Titkov, Director of Saratov Branch of JSC Freight One.

The CSOR Yulievka district is positioned at the non-public railway tracks of Balakovo Branch of JSC Apatit. Commissioning of this repair area would allow decreasing the time of railcars staying beyond the process of transportation (waiting for supply, transport to/from repair area, depot repairs etc.) – from eight to one and a half days. It is beneficial for all the participants especially during the season when the volumes of loading increase and a lack of rolling stock is observed.

Mr. Alexey Gribkov, director of Balakovo Branch of JSC Apatit, pointed out saying, “This project is very important for the FosAgro company. It opens up new prospects for us especially in the sphere of delivery of our products to the customers. We can say that this is another stage of our complex working in this direction – the filling lines and warehousing facilities are upgraded at the enterprise, and the rate of product loading is increased. Actually, the aforementioned process was always characterized by a lack of gondola cars, which we used to deliver fertilizers to the farmers. We had to wait for additional railcars suffering extra damages – both financial and temporal. Creation of a new repair node would allow us expecting for the 100% provision of rolling stock and exclude the periods of waiting that, in its turn, would guarantee prompt and qualitative shipments of fertilizers to the agricultural enterprises. It is especially important because the production of Balakovo Branch of JSC Apatit is oriented at the internal market.”

Within the framework of the project implementation it was performed the following – overhaul of the railway track, equipping of the production facility, connection of public utilities and electric power supply, purchasing and installation of the present-day process equipment, container-type structures for administration and amenity premises and installation of the process equipment. In addition to the railway track, the locations for storage of wheel sets and other spare parts are established on the open setoff repairs area.

Based on the results of examination of the district the Commission of the Federal Budgetary Organization “Register of Certification on the Federal Railway Transport” expressed its positive opinion in terms of performance of the railcar current repair within the volumes of ТR-2, ТR-1.

CSOR Yulievka is the second district established by JSC Freight One for the last year. The repair point – CSOR Zarinskaya in Altai Krai – with the annual repairing capacity of up to 5 thousand railcars was commissioned in September 2017.

For reference:

Balakovo Branch of JSC Apatit (included into the FosAgro Group) is one of the Russia’s largest manufacturers of the phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers. The enterprise is located in Saratov region – in the south of Russia close to the regions being basic consumers of mineral fertilizers.

FosAgro is a Russian vertically integrated company, the basic direction of activity of which is represented by manufacturing of the phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers, apatite concentrate, fodder phosphates, nitrogenous fertilizers and ammonia. The Group of companies includes JSC Apatit in Cherepovets (Vologda region), its branches in Kirovsk (Murmansk region) and Balakovo (Saratov region), as well as JSC Metachim (Leningrad region), JSC FosAgro-Trans, FosAgro-Region LTD. and JSC “The Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers and Insectofungicides (NIUIF) named after professor Ia.V. Samoylov”.