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Press officeNewsAlexey Korenko, “Logistics Consulting Helps Decreas-ing Downtime of Railcars by Two Times”

Alexey Korenko, “Logistics Consulting Helps Decreas-ing Downtime of Railcars by Two Times”

18 september 2019

This message was delivered by Alexey Korenko, Director of Samara Branch of Joint Stock Company Freight One (JSC Freight One) during the inter-regional roundtable related to the issues of cooperation between the participants of the railway freight transportation market.

“The restrictions existing in the railway network impose on all of us the responsibility for improvement of the railcar fleet operation efficiency. Downtimes of the rolling stock on the access tracks of the enterprises can be regarded as one of the most common reasons for decreasing the railcar turnover and overdue terms of delivery of the goods or raw materials. Together with our business partners we look for optimal solutions to such problems. Thus, for instance, following the request received from OZNA machine-building company we developed a set of measures aimed at decreasing the downtime of railcars at the access tracks of Naryshevo railway station (Tatarstan). Due to compliance with our recommendations our customer managed to decrease the downtimes from 11.3 days to 5 days during the period of time from February till August,” said Alexey Korenko, Director of Samara Branch of JSC Freight One.

The manager paid attention to the fact that increasing of economic efficiency of freight transportation can be attained, among other things, with the help of digital solutions. For example, the JSC Freight One Online service allows tracking positions of railcars and developing the plans for loading in advance with the help of any mobile gadget, while the Mobile reporter smartphone application is used for optimization of the process of acceptance or rejection of the boxcar rolling stock.

The participants at the roundtable showed their interest to joint operations and development of services aimed at decreasing of the costs of transportation of all the players at the freight transportation market.

Olesya Shurutina, Director for Logistics in Starateli-Novospasskoye company commented saying, “We produce different construction mixtures and deliver them to the customers in the entire territory of Russia. Due to the JSC Freight One inter-branch logistics program, the loading scheme suggested by the managers of Samara Branch as well as to the logistics consulting performed this July we deliver greater amounts of our production using less fleet of rail cars. We have thus optimized our transportation costs.”

The meeting was attended by more than 40 consignors from Samara, Penza, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg regions, Republics of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan and Mordovia as well as representatives of JSC Freight One and Kuibyshev Railway.

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