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Press officeNewsFreight One invested 450 million rubles in the environmental modernization of Kombinatskaya WSS

Freight One invested 450 million rubles in the environmental modernization of Kombinatskaya WSS

28 november 2019

The Novosibirsk branch of Freight One (PGK) completed the first phase of the reconstruction of Kombinatskaya washing and steaming station (WSS): a covered station for the preparation and inspection of rolling stock with a capacity of 30 tanks was built, the building of the processing pump station was modernized and a closed cleaning system was installed. The total investment in the project since 2010 amounted to over 450 million rubles.

“All facilities and communications have been re-equipped in accordance with modern technical requirements and standards. New resource-saving technologies have been introduced, the purpose of which is to make production safe and minimize environmental impact. For example, we installed an automated process control room, which allowed us increasing the service speed by 40%, up to 420 tanks per day, and reducing electricity consumption,” Evgeny Dolzhenko, the Director of the Novosibirsk branch, commented.

The head noted that as part of the modernization at the enterprise, the site where the steam pipeline is located, as well as the pumping station and fire extinguishing system were partially reconstructed, and new fire tanks were built. Ventilation equipment was replaced.

In addition, Freight One is participating in the federal Clean Air program. Within its framework, the company entered into an agreement on cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources and the Government of the Omsk Oblast. The agreement provides for the implementation of a comprehensive plan of measures to reduce emissions of pollutants into the air in Omsk, as well as enhanced industrial environmental control.

“In 2019, we completed the cleaning of the silt area, equipped racks with bottom unloading devices of oil product residues from tanks with a closed system for transporting washable oil products. In addition, we plan to withdraw obsolete rack No. 4 from the process,” Pavel Dyablov, the Head of Kombinatskaya WSS, said.

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Kombinatskaya WSS is the largest specialized enterprise in the West-Siberian region for the preparation of railway tanks for loading oil and oil products; it has been under the management of Freight One since 2009.

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