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Press officeNewsFreight One will invest 350 million rubles in an enterprise in the Altai Territory

Freight One will invest 350 million rubles in an enterprise in the Altai Territory

26 january 2021

Freight One will create a railroad car repair complex at Zarinskaya station of the West Siberian Railway. The total investment will be about 350 million rubles. Owing to the new facilities being launched, at least 120 new jobs will appear in the city. The project is being implemented as a part of Freight One's repair strategy aimed at the improvement of the rolling stock quality and the customer service level.

“We are glad that in January this year, our enterprise, Zarinskaya Railroad Car Repair Company, was included in the register of residents of the Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory in Zarinsk. We expect that this status will expand our opportunities for the project to be implemented. We support the municipal authorities’ desire to create effective partnerships with businesses that will contribute to the development of the economy of the entire region,” Evgeny Dolzhenko, Director of Freight One’s Novosibirsk branch, commented.

By 2022, the company expects to commission a roller bearing wheel shop where wheelsets will be repaired for railroad cars of Freight One and other owners. At present the design documentation is being examined. After a positive opinion has been received, the selected site will start to be reconstructed and the necessary equipment will start to be installed.

“Now our current uncoupling repair section operates at Zarinskaya station, where work is being carried out to repair freight cars to the extent corresponding to TR-1 and TR-2 programs, including the replacement of wheelsets. Today these faulty parts are sent to the roller bearing wheel shops of the Altai Territory, Kuzbass, Novosibirsk and Omsk Regions. The roller bearing wheel shop being launched will make it possible to carry out the whole range of works in Zarinsk. This will allow us to increase efficiency while managing the rolling stock in Siberia, to optimize the time needed to prepare cars for loading and to accelerate the supply of rolling stock in working order to our customers,” Evgeny Dolzhenko explained.

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